Food Pantry Needs Volunteers

SANTA CRUZ – The Food Pantry of the parish of Holy Cross, 210 High Street, is in need of volunteers.

“As you know, life in Santa Cruz is difficult for many people these days. Rents are going up, food, gas prices and other transport-related costs are rising, and for many people their income is not keeping up with these rises. Our parish tries to help, mainly through our Food Pantry. Our guests are truly grateful for the help we offer, providing a secure source of nourishing food of all kinds, and some financial help. Many of them have told us this. The number in need is growing again — seniors are particularly hard hit — but our ability to help is being tested as we have fewer volunteers to serve them…”

Volunteers are needed every morning except for Monday and Saturday.

If interested or for more information, contact Irene Lennox by calling her at 831-457-2690 (landline) or 831-818-0976 (mobile) or via email.