Volunteers Needed

SCOTTS VALLEY – The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of the parish of San Agustín, 257 Glenwood Drive, is in need of volunteers to fill specific roles.

The mission of the Society of St Vincent de Paul is to be “a network of friends, inspired by
Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relation-
ships with and service to people in need.”
The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVDP) in Scotts Valley, and others in the Santa Cruz area, do this in two ways:

  • Providing food to people from the SVDP pantry operation on Wednesdays.
  • Providing other forms of financial assistance to those in need.

“In line with the affirmation that ‘no work of charity is foreign to the Society‘ we aim especially to fill gaps where other agencies cannot provide support, for whatever reason. We are blessed with many generous donors who support this work, but it also requires the active participation from people who make the personal contacts necessary to provide this service. We have maintained and built a strong group of members who participate in the food distribution. Where we are struggling at present is in the other part of our service-facilitating financial support.

“A person in need will often contact us via our Need Line, which is a widely publicized phone number. One of our members then follows up and discusses their personal circumstances. In consultation with the rest of the group, we decide how we can best provide support. It is in this area where we could use more participation. This is a work that can be done at any time, so availability at particular times and days is not a constraint.

“We would welcome anyone who is interested in ‘growing in holiness through service to people in need to join us. If you are Spanish speaking then you and we would be doubly blessed, since some of those we seek to serve do speak Spanish as a first language”.

Anyone willing to consider this very direct form of Gospel service and would like
to find out more are asked to please contact Simon Hayward, President of the Society of St Vincent de Paul, at 831-239-7199.